Johnny\’s logic

It is also claimed that
exponential economic growth is the only way of improving the environment
– on the grounds that without growth, no nation will have the economic
means to clear up the mess that it created in generating that growth.
The absurdity of this assertion speaks for itself.

It does?

Oh. I was hoping for a little detail here. How can we generate the resources to do something unless we generate the resources to do something?

1 thought on “Johnny\’s logic”

  1. Who is insisting that we must have “exponential” rates of growth? Looks like an organic free-range straw man to me.

    Also, does he at any point deign to acknowledge the fact that economic growth brings enormous benefits to the world’s poor, such as food, healthcare and so on? Or am I being hopelessly unrealistic in expecting a green to acknowledge that human lives have any value?

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