Margot speaks out!

I call on all the bright young and not so young women out there to get involved.

Presumably the dim will be encouraged to shut up and stay home.

Although where that leaves Margot\’s own career is a little complex.

2 thoughts on “Margot speaks out!”

  1. OMG. I can’t believed this woman moaned about being pooped and that her skiing break didn’t last long enough. Dropped in that she is off to Liberia for a conference (and we all know how tiring they are). Then she starts to waffle on about women in the third world war zones. Jesus, does this woman not realise what a muppet she appears. Very bad taste me thinks. Mind if she wants to really understand what it’s like to live in a war zone, with dodgy electric and rampant disease, may I suggest a week end break, may be to a British council estate. Well, at least the waters safe. This is one bright young(ish) female that won’t be standing up along side you Margot, people might think I’m a hypocrite too.

  2. No the idea is that the dim will go, since they really want to be known as bright. And once they’re there they’ll be easy to fool.

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