Mary Honeyball MEP

Fears that women who gain positions through quotas will see their authority undermined are cited. But without big steps, women\’s representation in the UK workplace and democracy is stagnating. The pay gap is starting to increase again in the UK, rising 1% to 17% this year, and women\’s representation on company boards and in parliament is increasing so slowly that it will take another 100 years for them to reach parity with men.Compare this to countries with enforced quotas, such as Norway, Spain and Sweden, where women\’s representation is flourishing as the quotas correct the existing imbalance and injustice.

And the pay gap in Sweden is…..18%!

In the Swedish public debate, it is often stated that women’s wages are about 18% lower than men’s, and have been so for at least the last 10 years. This assertion is in itself correct….

Quotas don\’t work then. Good, glad that\’s settled, on to hte next problem, don\’t you think?

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