Mothers work harder


Women spend an average of 74 hours a week on household chores and childcare, tasks that it would cost £32,812 to pay someone else to do, according to insurer Legal and General.

By contrast, men spend only 53 hours a week on domestic tasks, although it would still cost £23,296 to pay someone to do everything that fathers do for free.

Given that we\’re talking childcare here I think they mean "mothers" rather than "women".

But OK, let\’s run with that. Could we also see the difference in hours worked in the monetary or paid economy between mothers and fathers please?

Given that, just as an example, new mothers get maternity pay for some time while fathers get enough paternity leave to flash the cigars around, that many mothers work part time rather than full while the children are young….well, you get my drift.

What are the total hours of work (and thus, by subtraction, the total hours of leisure) available to mothers and fathers?

You know, I think that has been done for us. On average, men and women (which falls foul of my first qualification above, I know) enjoy equal leisure time. Thus they must also be working the same number of hours….when one adds paid and unpaid, domestic production and market economy production, together.

I\’m perfectly willing to agree that mothers and fathers divide their various work, that some might complain that it\’s divided along gender lines which some don\’t like, but I\’m most unconvinced that this labour is divided unfairly or unequally in total.

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  1. 74 hours a week !!!!!!, my gawd, I’m a stay at home mum and I don’t put that much time in. Christ on a trike, they must do some weird shit like iron knickers and hoover under the furniture. I’d gladly pay someone else to do all the chores that I have to. Mind you, looking at the state of my house that would probably cost me £2.71 a week.

  2. Balls!

    Headline: “Mothers ‘work 40pc harder than fathers'”
    “women who work full-time fit in 55 hours worth of chores and childcare on a weekly basis.”
    “By contrast, men spend only 53 hours a week on domestic tasks”

    And that’s 108 hours of housework and childcare a week. That’s over 15 hours of work, seven days a week, after doing full-time jobs!

    When do they sleep?

  3. To put it more clearly, according to this survey, the average dual income parents week is divided something close to this:

    40 hours each, salaried work
    54 hours each, house-work, childcare (actually 53 and 55 hours)
    5 hours each, travelling to and from work (low estimate)
    49 hours each per week, sleeping (seven hours each)

    That’s 148 hours each per week. A week has 168 hours, so they have less than 3 hours a day for:

    Getting washed and dressed
    Eating breakfast
    Eating lunch at weekends
    Eating dinner
    Evening and weekend leisure time

    The only way this can make any sense is if:

    Two people being in the house with a child counts as them both doing child-care.
    Washing yourself is unpaid work.
    Feeding yourself is unpaid work.
    Driving to your employer is unpaid work

    It’s ridiculous. Why doesn’t the journalist rip the piss out of Legal and General for thinking their readers are morons?

  4. One of the glories of being over seventy years old is that you know what women are for.
    And – they volunteer – they really do.

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