Mrs. Dromey

Such a reform would be greatly assisted by the implementation of this week\’s third big idea – Harriet Harman\’s tremendous suggestion that we supplement our ponderous courts of law, with all their lawyers and blathering on, with a court of public opinion.

This worked fantastically well in Iran after the revolution. The Revolutionary Tribunals didn\’t have to mess about. Judges were able to sentence unpopular people, have them shot and then go to lunch. Perhaps we might follow General Pinochet\’s example and hire a football stadium in which to hold sessions. On the entrance we could have a slogan emblazoned: “The Prime Minister has said it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted.”

That Harriet, always coming up with a laugh, isn\’t she?

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Dromey”

  1. wow…a rare example of wisdom from the mass media…would that Peston could be injected from the same fount…or would that count as vivisection – trying to turn a vegetable into homo sapiens?

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