No toilet paper!

Save the planet!

Don\’t use bog roll, install a little shower attatchment to wash you off.

OK, why not….except I thought that the energy to heat water and in fact, water itself, were scarce resources that we should be using only minimally?

12 thoughts on “No toilet paper!”

  1. Next thing you know someone will suggest using leaves and some entrepreneurial guy will go to the forest next autumn and collect lots and lots of large leaves to sell to the credulous greenies.

  2. View from the Solent

    Cut out the middle-man, go and defecate in the forest yourself. (watch out for the bears, though)

  3. How long until some fake charity turns up with a “study” it has carried out which concludes that it is more “environmentally beneficial” to not use loo roll.

    And then makes a “recommendation” to introduce legislation to ban/introduce price floor/restrict loo roll use.

    Mark my words…

  4. And another thought: Does paper not cause a net reduction of carbon dioxide* when it is buried? That’d get the greenfascists in a spin.

    *Plant food.

  5. As PC hinted, we don’t cut down the rain forests to make loo rolls. Paper is made from fast growing managed forests. Since the trees are actively growing they soak up more carbon dioxide than stable forests. If the waste from sewage treatment plants is pumped into farmland, it locks the carbon in until the crops are harvested.

  6. I think huge amounts of water are used to make paper, so you’d have to compare that use to the amount you’d use in a bidet, then also the energy used to pump the water to your house vs to a paper mill.

  7. I’m never shaking hands with ‘greenies’ ever again! We used to shit in buckets and toss it out the window onto the street below, then we progressed as a society.

  8. Nothing to do with the planet, Tim, it’s to do with making us do things the way the Moslems do.

    Quite obvious really.

  9. I’ve just come back from Japan, and I agree completely: a fancy digital toilet with umpteen nozzles and water jets and a heated seat is far superior an experience than having your finger go through the shiny white.

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