Oh aye?

Sure, lapdancing is one aspect of the commodification of heterosexuality under late capitalism, and something that would not arise in a genuinely liberated post-capitalist social formation. Ultimately, socialism will put paid to the Spearmint Rhinos of this world.

Dave\’s Part.

The thought that men wishing to look at naked women will be erased by a change in the economic system is absurd.

As is the thought that some women will stop taking advantage of that male desire.

I\’m  a classical liberal, I\’m one of the people that thinks the current set up isn\’t perfect. But this sort of …aaah, forget it. There are hopeful idiots all over the place.


10 thoughts on “Oh aye?”

  1. Try this out…

    Go to a dancing girls bar and ignore the performers.

    The girls get really annoyed if you don’t pay attention to their show.

    Most like the attention. Maybe Dave Spart thinks they’ll be doing it for free…

    If so roll on the socialist revolution!

    I think I’ll just keep saving my pound coins for stag nights and birthdays just in case.

  2. As I recall from an old film (Man of Marble or Man of Iron I think) amateur striptease was allowed- and happened- in Communist Poland- so I guess come the day Spearmint Rhino will still be there, just the girls wont get paid. That of course would be a massive step foreward in the liberation of women.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Surely what he means is that under Communism superstitious fossils such as Christianity will totally disappear and so girls will give it away – for free – to anyone who wants it? Like drinking a glass of water in the Leninist formulation. And hence no need of Spearmint Rhino.

    Who knows? Maybe even he and his comrades will be able to get some.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    A parody?

    I think I just read someone claim that the nuclear family had to be destroyed because it privileged the children of strong homes – we all have to be f*cked up so that we can all be equal. Equally f*cked up no doubt.

    That’s a very sophisticated parody.

  5. Yes, this is a parody, by a real (like, proper socialist, not just left-lib) lefty with a sense of self-awareness about how the earnest loons that infest fringe politics generally sound.

    Given that Dave Spart is the Private Eye term for ‘generic humourless trot’, some might consider this obvious…

  6. The prices at Spearmint Rhino are eyewatering. Nobody except the rich can afford to go. After the revolution the rich will be shot.

    QED No Spearmint Rhino.

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