Oh well done Willy!

Will Hutton:

The rest of the world could then impose short term tariffs on their goods if they do not correct their policies.

Yes, that\’s the way to deal with a collapse in international trade. Allow people to impose tariffs.


1 thought on “Oh well done Willy!”

  1. Sorry, but I thought you were a classical liberal.

    Shouldn’t they be allowed to impose tariffs if that’s what they want to do – or are even mandated to do?

    Tim adds: Classical liberalism is more about protecting the people from the self interest of those who rule over them than many other political creeds. Tariffs benefit certain sections of society much more than others. They screw consumers and benefit only those producers covered by said tariffs. Thus it’s impeccably classically liberal to oppose tariffs….for it is the exercise opf power to gain economic advantage. Remember, classical liberalism is aboutpeoplebeing able to do what they want, not governments being able to do what they want to the people.

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