On being a Mormon

In my early teens I did take part in a temple ritual-baptism for the dead-that involved my getting dunked thirty times in an afternoon, in a great circular baptismal font supported on the backs of twelve life-size bronze oxen, on behalf of the inhabitants of a seventeenth-century Bavarian village; but that\’s another story entirely.

4 thoughts on “On being a Mormon”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    In all fairness is that so much weirder than eating the blood and flesh of Christ?

    Don’t even get me started on Mikveh.

  2. Not really “wierder” in and of itself, but certainly wierder in it’s implications.

    Communion is about the absolution of one’s own sins, the Mormon ceremony is about the absolution of an ancestor’s sins, without their permission.

    Leaving aside the issue of whether it’s fair to assume that everyone would want their sins absolved, it rather does away with the idea of free will, no?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t think they are baptising their ancestors. Rather anyone.

    Christians have a problem with people who did not hear the Message before they died. They ought to go to Hell right? Seems a bit harsh for Plato to burn in Hell forever just because Jesus didn’t get around to being born for a couple of hundred years. Now some Christians try to rationalise this away. Some succeed. But the Mormons seem to have taken an interesting route and allowed the pagans to compete in the Salvation stakes on an even basis.

    It looks odd but in their theology, I am not so sure it is. After all communion is just as problematic – it is about someone else forgiving you for something you may have done to me. Well, what if I don’t agree? Isn’t it wrong that you can be forgiven without reference to the people who have suffered?

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