On debating with swivel eyed loonies

Pickled Politics is debating the idea of online debates with swivel eyed loonies.

Ok if Tim (Worstall) is seen as too sane…


7 thoughts on “On debating with swivel eyed loonies”

  1. Cheers very much Peter! 😛

    But seriously, I thought you were a good suggestion but the feeling I got was you weren’t different enough hence my ”too sane (it’s a compliment trust me!) comment…

  2. Quite right, Peter. They are traditionally classified as fools or knaves, not loonies. Let’s have a bit of propriety here.

  3. I think I might have, Sunny, a year or two ago – though the only example a quick search of my blog revealed was a post when I called some of the American religious right “nutters” – which I doubt you’d take great exception to.

    But the fact is I’m sick of it now.

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