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So that\’s all right then

An official Parliamentary inquiry ruled last night that Mrs Spelman had "inadvertently" broken the rules on expenses. Mrs Spelman apologised and said she would immediately repay the money.

Phew, bit of a relief, eh? I\’ll use that next time I "inadvertently" walk out of the bank with ten grand that\’s not mine shall I?

Ooops, sorry, here it is back again?

2 thoughts on “So that\’s all right then”

  1. As much as we Land Value Taxers despise Carol S, it must be said, the Tories are far better at coughing up and repaying than Labour or Lib Dems, so fair play to her.

    Dame Shirley Porter did finally pay up several million of her own money following that whole Westminster-Council House sale-gerrymandering nastiness.

    Compare that with H Harperson, or Mrs J Dromey as you like to call her, she got caught out over £5,500 illegal donations, and instead of having to forfeit them, she was allowed to repay them to the original donor.

  2. Clearly taking a leaf out of the Obama cabinet book here…. And quite reasonably given the wonderfully close “special relationship” between our two nations

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