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Tears streaming down my face

This is really much too good to be true.

The party\’s 2009 European Elections poster shows a nostalgic picture of a Second World War fighter plane under the slogan "Battle for Britain".

But RAF history experts have identified the iconic Romeo Foxtrot Delta Plane as belonging not to Britons but to a group of Polish pilots instead

That\’s the BNP there, using one of those Polish Spitfires as the centrepiece of their poster campaign for the upcoming elections.

Simon Darby, spokesperson for the British National Party, said that the plane was a symbol of the Battle of Britain and represented the economic struggle the country is facing at the moment.

He said: "It\’s not like the BNP are against Polish people as a nation. We are against Polish people coming over here and undercutting British workers.

Have to say Simon, glad you weren\’t around back in 1940. Those Polish people came over here and took jobs off patriotic Brits and….well, they accounted for 12% of German losses.

Sorry, but I\’m just laughing like a drain here…..

13 thoughts on “Tears streaming down my face”

  1. Tim, are you in any way suggesting that the BNP have confused policies, irrelevant ideas and contradictory stances on a number of issues?

    Sadly, this message will not get through to the people who need to hear it e.g. the disillusioned white working class who are pouring over to the BNP in time for the county council and European elections.

  2. “Sadly, this message will not get through to the people who need to hear it…”

    And if it did, it still wouldn’t matter. Because I still maintain that the vast majority of people nowvoting BNP are not doing it because they agree with their policies, but simply because they wish to ‘punish’ the government….

  3. Even though this message won’t get through to the people likely to vote for the BNP, it does illustrate why the BNP are unlikely to get anywhere in the grand scheme of things.

    They’re incompetent, ill-educated fools.

  4. Its also a cannon – armed Spit which were not in – service until after the Battle of Britain ended…

  5. Have you stopped working for UKIP? I though there policy was to stop for 5 years Polish immigrants entering the country, and to deport any here illegally.

  6. I so enjoy comments from people who know about features and dates and details, in almost any context, brings out the happy geek in me. Thank you ong. Facts are lovely things.

  7. Fuck, EU Referendum are a stupid bunch of mercantilist twats. If LDV can make the cheapest vans that fit the military’s specs, it should; otherwise, it should go bust and the work be done by firms who are less inept.

  8. Er, didn’t France & Britain declare war on Germany because of the invasion of Poland?
    Not wanting to detract from the bravery of Polish combatants, for personal family reasons if nothing else, but they did have a dog in the fight, so to speak.

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