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The Guardian lies, again.

Despite the government\’s commitment to eliminating it, the pay gap rose slightly last year and women working part-time are now paid on average 36.5% less than men.

The truth is that women who work part time are paid, on average, 36.5% less per hour than men who work full time.

It is also true that men who work part time earn less per hour than men who work full time.

There is a part time pay gap and there is a gender pay gap. Only by adding the two together can you get this huge disparity.

Which is why, of course, the two are added together, so as to produce this huge disparity that we can all go "Oh My!" at.

The constant repetition of this error is tantamount to lying.

3 thoughts on “The Guardian lies, again.”

  1. Wimmin deserve to get paid less if they waste time on swings when they should be working.

    Unless of course they are a Health and Safety swing tester.

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