The Nordic Diet

Well, yes, ok, a diet rich in game meats, cloudberries, salmon and trout is indeed nutritious. But I think we can get a better view of what this "Nordic Diet" stuff means by considering this:

"In Britain you have a lot of kale, but almost no one realises that you can eat it raw like lettuce and it is very nutritious."

Nutrituous no doubt but this seems to be a move to turn us into a nation of cabbage munching bovines.

To turn kale into something worth eating you need to fry it off with a bit of bacon, onion and garlic in a light oil…..and then serve Brazilian style with picanha, that is, multiple slices of lightly grilled bovine….which can indeed be fed on raw kale if you wish.

5 thoughts on “The Nordic Diet”

  1. “Cabbage-munching” bovines? Are
    you speaking of cows or some of your gals?

    Over here, we feed ’em grain, grass. or both.
    That saves the cabbage to accompany corned beef or to make sauerkraut.

  2. I prefer my kale pre-eaten by bovines who in turn are slaughtered, butchered, marinaded and barbequeued to perfection before I eat it with a side salad and a glass of dry red wine.

    In this entirely natural way, I get 100% of my daily kale requirements. And it tastes good!

  3. Over here, we feed ‘em grain, grass. or both.

    No, you mostly feed them corn, which is why they mostly taste crap.

    (North American grass-fed beef is the second-best in the world, after Argentinian. But the corn-fed beef you get in a standard North American restaurant or store is absolutely horrible.)

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