The Ted Kennedy Knighthood

That silver lining in the cloud?

It\’s not going to last very long, is it?

12 thoughts on “The Ted Kennedy Knighthood”

  1. So it’s “Sir” Edward Kennedy, knighted for services to giving Gordon Brown a tiny bit of favourable publicity.

    Makes Blair look honest and principled, doesn’t it?

  2. Presumably Tim this is all fair game while Kennedy is merely dying. I take it you won’t be doing anything as ‘vile‘ as ‘pissing in the grave before they’ve even put the body in it’ when he’s actually dead. Or encouraging your readers to.

    Tim adds: Quite. That gap between death and burial is the one where we observe nil nisi and all that. While he’s alive I can continue to excoriate him and when he’s safely buried I can as well.

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