There\’s an easy way of doing this

The Federation of Small Businesses and the TUC believe that the radical measure, which they argued would "help stem" the rise in job losses, should be introduced "as soon as possible".

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: "Wage subsidy schemes are already working well across Europe and are preventing many thousands of unnecessary job losses. The Government must provide support for UK businesses and workers too."

Simply cut employers\’ national insurance. As employers\’ NI is a tax on jobs, removing it acts as a subsidy to jobs from the normal tax structure. Easy to apply, quick and it has the helpful effect of reducing State distortion of the market rather than increasing it.

That last of course is why no one will do it.

2 thoughts on “There\’s an easy way of doing this”

  1. Yes but

    NI has to be collected, checked and managed which means government jobs. A subsidy won’t touch that but will also need to be distributed, checked and managed which means government jobs.

    And government jobs are “real” jobs.

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