Troughs and fat cats

It\’s not just the bankers and the politicians you know….

One of the leaders of Britain\’s largest trade union has enjoyed the use of a £399-a-night hotel suite within yards of his office – to save a 35-minute journey to his £800,000 grace-and-favour home.

The union has now confirmed that Mr Simpson used the hotel, and astonishingly has justified it by claiming that staying at the Waldorf was vital to his status as a union leader. Mr Simpson\’s performance would be undermined if \’the union prioritised cheapness of accommodation above appropriate facilities and location\’.


Mr Simpson also has the use of a chauffeur-driven union car.

3 thoughts on “Troughs and fat cats”

  1. Have you noticed how often the word “appropriate” is used to justify hectoring, bullying and thieving?

  2. Simpson’s justification echoes the Soviet politburo’s justifications for their dachas, limousines, etc.

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