Vile capitalist money grubbing bastards

Isn\’t this appalling? The way that the workers are being kicked in the teeth by the vile capitalist money grubbing bastards?

MEN Media, publisher of the Manchester Evening News and related weeklies, has told staff that 150 jobs are to go and all weekly editorial offices will be closed.

Staff on the newspapers, part of the ********* were told of the job cuts in a series of briefings with management this morning.

The number of jobs going in editorial is 78. According to the National Union of Journalists, half of the journalism job cuts will come from the MEN itself.

As a result, the MEN editorial team will shrink from 90 to about 50.

MEN Media publishes 23 newspapers including the Manchester Evening News.

And who is it immiserating the workers? Even while they banked a £300 million profit last year? Who is it that is firing these lowly paid regional press workers in their hour of need, while still allowing the fat cats at the centre to gorge themselves on salaries of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year?

Step forward the Guardian Media Group.


5 thoughts on “Vile capitalist money grubbing bastards”

  1. I’m fairly sure the Guardian’s editorial line is to consider layoffs as a reasonable response to an 85% fall in profits. It generally saves fatcattery stories for companies which do layoffs despite making copious amounts of money…

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