Voting for Timmy

As you lucky people who live in London already know, you\’ll have an opportunity to vote for me in the euro-elections on June 4th.

Or, at least, for the party I\’m standing for, UKIP.

I\’m hoping rather that voters will, or at least many of them will be, easier to convince than this particular one who has just advised me by email that:

Here\’s the plan then. I get up at 4am and go to the pubs of Smithfield, down pints until lunchtime, go to lunch, easy on food, heavy on drink, go to pub near polling station, order beer, aft 4th maybe 5th pint I\’ll be ready to vote for you.

Although it has to be said, this is from a journalist (meaning that the drink taken is just a normal day) and one who has been known to appear in the same pages as Oour Wullie Hutton.

That was always going to be a tough nut to crack really.

Update. Another, different reason to vote!

"I just think those bastard in Brussels deserve you"

9 thoughts on “Voting for Timmy”

  1. I’d prefer it if you were standing for the Libertarian party, rather than for UKIP, who have turned out to be rather useless.

  2. Depressingly, even if the entire country voted UKIP, nothing would happen. MEPs are essentially cosmetic. It’s violently euro-sceptic MPs that are needed, and even more depressingly it’sthe BNP that seem to be making the running there.

  3. Yes we know the BNP are violent……and trolling all over the place at the moment with their not so subtle commenting.

  4. To he who taketh my name in vain…

    By “violently euro-sceptic” I meant “extremely euro-sceptic”, not “eurosceptic and prone to bouts of fisticuffs”. But as I said, in UK politics it appears to be the BNP that are getting the votes rather than UKIP – which I far far prefer.

    Either way, it makes toss-all difference as (a) in a general election neither BNP nor UKIP are going to get enough seats to make a difference, and (b) MEP are merely an expensive irrelevance as they appear to have absolutely no effective legislative power whatsoever.

  5. Bugger! Re-reading the above makes it look (rather) like I prefer the BNP – I don’t!!! The idea of the country being run by a shower of left-wing, statist, thugs does not appeal.

  6. I seem to recall that the Libertarian party were intentionally not putting forward MEP candidates to show a contempt for the whole system.

    They see UKIP as having been ideologically tainted by eating and drinking with the bourgeois.

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