Well Chuck….

The Prince spoke at a dinner in hosted by Michelle Bachelet, the President, for 300 guests from the world of politics, business and the arts.

“How can we begin to address poverty if we haven\’t first ensured our planet is habitable?” he said.

You might like to ask someone starving to death whether they\’d prefer that we all worry about three centuries down the line or whether we feed him.

But much more importantly than that, the environment is a luxury good. Not only is it only when people get rich enough to lift their eyes from their runty crops that they start to worry about it, only when we\’ve generated some wealth do we have the resources to do anything about it.

And finally, if you actually go and look at the scientific consensus, if you bother to read the IPCC and supporting documents, you can see that we can in fact do both. We can abolish human poverty this century and the econopmic structure that allows us to do that also contains the emissions path that will lead to the least warming (A1F1 for those keeping score at home…at least from memory that is it).

In fact, in that particular economic model (one upon which the scientific consensus is based remember) we get to that lowest emissions path precisely by abolishing poverty through economic growth.

5 thoughts on “Well Chuck….”

  1. The Prince wouldn’t consider the shanty towns around third world cities “habitable” compared to the countryside but the residents would disagree.

  2. It’s a bit rich to hear this twit telling the rest of us to be green while flying 7,000 miles by private plane to deliver a speech, when videoconferencing is so easy nowadays.

    Not only would it have saved money and time, but he’d have had more time left to talk to his plants.

  3. Tim Almond nails it.

    Charlie is a fucking hypocrite just the same as that raving cunt Gore. Living in several fucking palaces, with how many fucking Aston Martins, jetting off around the world every week a different country and telling US to produce less carbon.

    Well Fuck you Charles you cunt. When you live in a small flat with one small car and take one holiday a year in Europe or less, THEN you can tell us to produce less carbon if you like, but until then, try to practice what you preach, and shut the fuck up.

  4. Zorro, when Prince Charles lives in a tin shack in a favela in a gorge with no electricity, source of potable water or sanitation, then the daft twat can lecture the rest of us on not ‘producing’ carbon.

    Vaclavs Klaus said the environment is ‘whipped cream on the cake’, the cake being the economy and the point being without the cake the whipped cream is superfluous. There is a lot of literature concerning the application of Kuznets curves to environmental indicators. Things worsen as GDP per capita rises (to a few thousand bucks a year per head) and then rapidly decline. Primitive civilisations don’t pollute much, and neither do advanced ones. The trick is to transition people from the former to the latter in the shortest time possible (unless you’re a misanthropic buffoon who is indifferent between the two)..

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