Which city?

… what a fucking shithole! It was like the set of Little Britain, stuffed with mongs, chavs, mobility scooters, bad drivers and fucking suicidal pedestrians. Plus the road layout was designed by someone who expected that people would all be travelling on Vespas or something.

I thought I lived in an utter toilet, but fuck me, it\’s like Portmeiron by comparison.



12 thoughts on “Which city?”

  1. I cheated.

    If I am honest I remember it as being just as bad back when I was there.

    However, I spent a happy year there, partying and drinking heavily. I left with a Diploma & a Wife, so it can’t be all bad.

  2. Wherever it is, we can be confident that it’s a product of Progressive Planning in the postwar years.

  3. I read that and thought it was my local ex – industrial northern town, and I suppose the description would fit any one of them

  4. Judging by the refined use of invective, this comment must be by O. the C. ? 😉

    Pity it seems to apply to so many places.

  5. Got to be London…. once you get outside of the tourist areas where the Politico wannabes hang out.

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