You tell \’em Don!

The single greatest instance of intellectual foolishness today is the continuing pretense that politicians are serious people worthy of serious consideration.  They are scoundrels, each and every one, regardless of party (although some of them, it is true, are more scoundrelly than others).  For any scholar to pretend that these people are disinterested servants of the public welfare — to pretend that the words politicians utter or send out in press releases are meant to promote any goal other than politicians\’ own glorification and pursuit of power — is for that scholar to be duped to a degree that should be more embarrassing than would be the discovery that that scholar believes the earth to be flat or that Big Foot was in league with Lee Harvey Oswald to murder JFK.

7 thoughts on “You tell \’em Don!”

  1. And yet there are people on the Web who forget this universal lesson the moment they start romancing on about (voice hushes in awe) the American Founding Fathers.

  2. The character and disposition of leaders is, in democracies, reasonably reflective of those of their population.

    Most of those living in democracies could certainly do better; but first, they’d have to do better.

    And those who don’t understand that likely don’t even deserve to do as wel as they are.l

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