You tell \’em like it is Gordon

The Prime Minister has insisted that he will not admit he was in any way responsible for the country’s economic troubles, despite being urged to by Alistair Darling.

Mr Brown also rejected pleas from other Cabinet colleagues to issue any sort of apology for the role he played while Chancellor in allowing banks and the City to operate unfettered. He has told aides that he “has nothing to apologise for”.

You\’re absolutely correct of course. The man who designed the regulatory system has nothing to apologise for in a crisis stemming from a failure of the regulatory system. Nothing at all, no siree.

2 thoughts on “You tell \’em like it is Gordon”

  1. Except it wasn’t a crisis stemming from the failure of the regulatory system, it was from ever expanding fiat currency both in the UK and abroad.

  2. and Northern Rock – a UK institution, offering mortgages to UK residents, financed by the UK money markets…you get the drift. NR might have been the rock that broke the camel’s back, but it could have been solved entirely within the UK

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