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Air travel \’as bad as stabbing person in the street\’, says MEP

When asked if flying to Spain was as bad as knifing a person in the street, Ms Lucas said: ‘Yes – because they are dying from climate change.’

Hmmm……now I believe that Caroline herself does indeed fly sometimes….when it is "unavoidable" as part of her political work.

But clearly, a few people getting sliced up is a fair, proper and just price for a woman of such stature to bestride the political stage, don´t you think?


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  1. I must be completely out of touch… Just where are all these people who are “dying from climate change”?

    It’s interesting how the level of climate change hysteria rises as the global temperature falls.

  2. Let’s assume that her dingbat claim is true, does she not even understand the distinction between ‘killing’ and ‘letting die’? Or do I have to spell it out?

  3. Caroline Lucas is a stranger to reason.

    Climate Change is happening. What she is conflating is man’s* effect on the process and the process itself. Does she stop to consider the possibility that it cannot be reversed, even if it was nudged along by man? No.

    One thing is for certain, if the climate dramatically cools, there WILL be starvation.

    * of course, only MEN can cause this, natch.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Sorry but where is the evidence that climate change is even happening? You know, apart from the obvious point that climates always change.

    Lucas is, of course, a nut case. But global warming, as Bjorn Lomborg has shown, means fewer people dying. She ought to think she is committing murder by not flying.

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