Bankers\’ bonuses

Recent research from the commission found that city bonuses paid to women were 79 per cent lower than those paid to men.

Is this evidence of discrimination? Or of occupational segregation?

It\’s a long time since I did my (mercifully short) stint in The City but way back when dealing rooms were male dominated and support functions female.

If that is true still then you would expect bonuses to be higher for men… they\’re doing the jobs that you want people to be motivated by bonuses.

4 thoughts on “Bankers\’ bonuses”

  1. In this new age of equality its not about which job you are in its about “equivalence”, a school cook=janitor=PA=…. and all should get paid the same.

    This is easy in the kept sector but those who live in this sector don’t see shy it shouldn’t be the same in private industry. So stock dealer=receptionist=IT Geek and all should get paid the same, irrespective of who generates the profits directly.

    Its all part of the equality of outcome agenda.

  2. I regularly meet with city types in my job, and they tend to conform to stereotypes.

    The high rolling big stakes hedge fund managers are men. Women tend to manage long term investment making pension funds.

    Now arguably the long termers have done a better job in the medium term, but the risk takers have been the ones with the best bonuses.

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