Billy Bragg: Idiot

The musicians Billy Bragg and Robin Gibb have joined forces with the record producer Pete Waterman, accusing Google of devaluing songwriters amid a row over royalties.

In the dispute, music videos have been taken down from YouTube UK because its owner,  Google, says that it cannot afford to pay a fee every time a song is streamed from the video website. In a letter to The Times, the three men say that Google “ascribes little value to music — in spite of a huge increase in music usage” — because of its refusal to pay, and called on YouTube to reinstate music videos “and pay a fair price for it”.

Listen, twit.

It is possible for you to overprice your output, so that a potential buyer simply walks away. You\’re too expensive.

Sorry, but that\’s it.

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  1. “It is possible for you to overprice your output, so that a potential buyer simply walks away. You’re too expensive.”

    They’ve been watching The Apprentice too much, haven’t they?

    “Can I have my money now?”

  2. How Billy “Property is theft” Bragg has changed; he used to promote bootlegs of his gigs in his youth.

  3. Rich gits call for someone to buy their music and give it away.

    We hear that there is a lot of use of “recreational substances” in the music business, but surely even they should have enough brain to understand what it is they are asking.

  4. “Mark Kelly, a songwriter for the band Marillion, said that he had received 0.6p in royalties in the past three months from YouTube, although band videos had been played ten million times. ”

    Presumably, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford get the lions’ share?

  5. Billy Brag is a cunt. As is Pete Waterman. How much do these cunts think they need to earn for writing a song?

    Most people don’t get paid again and again for something they’ve done, I fail to see why musicians are so fucking special. Get a proper fucking job you wankers.

    I _wish_ there was one fucking song from any of these cunts that I liked enough to download a torrent. Fortunately for them, there _isn’t_.

  6. One of the worst things about Britian and one the nicest things about the U.S.A. is the fact that you have Billy Bragg and we don’t.

    He’s kind of a Richard Murphy set to music.

  7. So is everyone of the view that Google should take them all down unless it has permission? Or are you saying it should publish and be damned?

    Tim adds: I don´t hold either of those views. The music is, under copyright law, only available to those who pay for it. So Billy et al are entirely within their rights to insist that it come down is Google will not pay the fee demanded. Google should not, of course, steal the property of others.

    My point is very different indeed. Billy et al cannot complain if in a market a potential buyer refuses to pay the price that Billy et al have set.

  8. “One of the worst things about Britian and one the nicest things about the U.S.A. is the fact that you have Billy Bragg and we don’t.”

    Two words for you.


    And Moore.


  9. Actually, it’s impossible for Billy Bragg not to overprice his output, if the price is set at >0.

  10. But surely Tim you mean Google should not allow them to be put up, not take then down when requested?

    Tim adds: That´s getting to a level of detail that I don´t know much about. My assumption was that these were the videos being put up by the record companies themselves….

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Dennis The Peasant- “However, it should be noted that His Fatness doesn’t sing at you when he’s being an ass.”

    Not familiar with Mr Bragg’s work I guess.

    Because Billy Bragg doesn’t, technically, sing either.

  12. As Zorro above says, Billy Bragg is indeed a cunt. In order to be less so, he should try and behave more like Justin Sullivan and New Model Army, who have this to say on their website about people “stealing” video footage of themselves at their 30th anniversary concerts:

    It is well-known that we have ‘no policy’ when it comes to audience members filming our concerts for their own pleasure. We don’t give specific ‘permission’ but we don’t stop people doing it. Sometimes this gets lost in translation with particular venues and in a few cases we are unable to persuade a venue to lift its own camera restrictions. We would now like to put this policy to good use…

    We are considering filming the London December shows and one aspect of the film will be to encourage members of the audience to film, using whatever camera is available to them, certain songs. We will then edit this ‘fan’ footage with our own material.

    We thought we’d use this Saturday’s Nottingham show as a sort of test to see how well this works. If you’d like to participate then please email [email protected] . We will then direct you to a dropbox where you can deposit your footage. We dont expect you to film the entire show – but as much as possible would be welcome – and we are unable to give you an advance set-list. Interesting angles, shots of fellow audience members, yourself are all welcome – use your imagination!

  13. He’s pretty silly. He tends to argue against things he hasn’t quite understood yet, thus arguing against his own misunderstandings, rather than anything tangible.

    And, his music sucks.

  14. Talking about Billy Bragg and Youtube I’ve just heard him saying the most twattish thing possible on it. Speaking about an EDL protest in Leicester he said “Each generation has had to fight fascism. My parent’s generation in the second World war [against Hitler] and my generation with Rock Against Racism…”. What first-class, deluded, out of touch prick – comparing an 4 year struggle a previous generation had against the genocidal Third Reich with his juvenile pop music self-indulgency. He typifies pathetic lefties who live a enormously comfortable lives but fantasize they are somehow being down-trodden and hard done by. Prick.

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