Climate change porkies

Obesity is a threat not only to an individual\’s health but is also a bad influence on the ecology of the planet, according to environmental experts.

Well, they do say that the aim is to walk lightly upon this precious Earth, don\’t they?

4 thoughts on “Climate change porkies”

  1. Well, fatter people do fart more. And as everyone knows, methane is a potent greenhouse gas.

    We should therefore round up all the fatties into some sort of methane capture compound, thereby solving the problems of obesity, global warming and the energy crisis in one swoop.

    The world is burning, we have to act now!

  2. What about their weight slowly sinking Britain into the sea? The Thames Barrier will be overrun if this carries on.

  3. No, I'm just under-tall

    Fat contains carbon, so fat people are carbon sinks.

    It’s as good as planting a tree!

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