Comments on the Mirror blog of Kevin Maguire

It has to be said that some of these are simply wonderful:

Whatever the complaint in question, let\’s hope it\’s not the one that you\’ve been suffering from for the past 3 years, Kevin. Having his head wedged inextricably up his own arse.

"McBride\’s formidably bright"

As in – he used a government computer with a traceable IP address to send e-mails that contained defamatory information (that he knew was untrue) about other leading politicians?

As in – he sent the e-mails to Derek Draper?

If Number 10 is full of equally bright sparks, then the next year or so is going one hell of a ride for Gordon.


You are pathetic McGuire – for f*ck\’s skae, can\’t you ever stop holding the candle for this scumbag government led by the flatulent scumbag haggis-f*cker in chief himself. Get a life you low life scum. himself.

"flatulent scumbag haggis-f*cker in chief" Chris, that you?


This is possibly the most disgraceful piece of journalism I have ever read.


Not sure what the drinkers in your pub are thinking Maquire, the ones in mine wonder what a national paper are doing employing a vacuous cretin like you.

I can imagine the conversation……….

"Hi Kevin, it\’s Gordon here"

"Delighted to hear from you, PM, is there anything at all I can do to help? Just name it."

"Would you mind putting up an article deriding all the fuss about nothing, have a go at Staines and his mates as well, see what response you get. I think the ordinary man in the street will be supportive."

"I\’ll get straight onto it, PM……when the replies come in it\’ll show Staines and his mates that the ordinary folk think Damien and Dolly didn\’t do anything wrong, it was only a joke."

"Thanks Kevin – fancy Chequers on Monday for lunch? Piers and Celia are coming again, you\’ll enjoy it"

"Thanks PM, see you then!"

Better order another MaccyDs Kevin, I think, having read the replies, that Chequers is off. 🙂


Oh dear. It really is bad when a NaZaNuLabour apparatchik can\’t even get support for his odious dribble on a blog on The Mirror\’s website.

Oh dear – Ouch – I feel 4ya Kev – that was about as bad & ill-advised as when I foolishly & inadvertently described my \’Hobbies and Interests\’ on my C.V. as:

"Wanking off in crowded train carriages."

Kevin, what\’s it like to be Gordon\’s bitch?

I\’ve got a job for a gimp (costume provided) if your master ever gets tired of you.

The part that really sparked this off:

6) And just what is the truth of Cameron\’s alleged embarrassing complaint of a highly personal nature? I, like the drinkers in the Steamboat, Alum and Riverside, would like to know.

I wonder about what didn\’t get through the moderation process myself….

9 thoughts on “Comments on the Mirror blog of Kevin Maguire”

  1. “Not sure what the drinkers in your pub are thinking Maquire, the ones in mine wonder what a national paper are doing employing a vacuous cretin like you.”

    OMG, did I laught at this one! Perfecto!

  2. The mirror blog comments represent the single most thorough virtual kicking I have ever read on the net.

    That is some standard to set “make it up” McGuire …


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