On the horrors of alcohol consumption:

It\’s never been cheaper in real terms than it currently is

That\’s the definition of getting richer you God awful prodnosed cretin.

Goods and services go down in price when measured against incomes. That\’s the whole damn point of having an economy in the first place.


12 thoughts on “Cretins”

  1. I said some time ago that, having won the war on tobacco, the neo-puritans on the left would turn their attention to alcohol and use the same tactics.

  2. I like the fact that – even though even the puritan eejit barely even mentions 24-hour licensing – the DM headline focuses primarily on that as part of its weird agenda.

  3. It’s never been cheaper in real terms than it currently is

    It has never been more necessary either. Can you imagine living in Brown’s Britain without the option of getting off your face now and again?

  4. “24-hour drinking toll: Doctors show alcohol kills 40,000 Britons a year..”: golly, that must be nearly as many as the hospitals kill.

  5. “golly, that must be nearly as many as the hospitals kill.”

    MRSA and C.difficile infections kill a few thousand a year: more than die on the roads. Add in the Stafford-style negligence and yes, could well be there. Of course, you have to be careful not to double-count alcoholics killed by the NHS.

  6. If I can’t drink as much beer as I like, then I’ll stop working, and the valueless vermin of the Public Sector can whistle for the tax I used to pay.

  7. The article is absolute shite, of course, but a fairly important counterpoint to your comments is that “in real terms” does not mean “adjusted for income growth”. The definition of “getting richer” is, similarly, not “a change in the relative price of good x for all other goods”.

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