Erm, no Compass laddies, not quite

Did you know that over 15 times as much money is lost through tax avoidance at the top than is lost to benefit fraud at the bottom? That\’s £15BN of public money lost to a powerful elite who can afford to pay tax advisers:

No, you\’ve really not quite grasped this. That\’s £15 billion that Parliament has deliberately decided not to collect in tax by writing the tax laws in certain specific ways.

2 thoughts on “Erm, no Compass laddies, not quite”

  1. And of course the government’s claim that we lose £800m a year to benefit fraud is false. It’s at least £2bn.

    By the way, the anti-fraud minister is one Tony McNulty. His platitudes about successful benefit fraud convictions – usually plentiful – seem lately to have become rare. I wonder why.

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