From the nef

Hmm, riiiight:

….because continuing economic growth is both unlikely and undesirable.

Unh hunh.

Global GDP is around $50 trillion (rough, rough numbers here). Some 7 billion people (if not yet then there will be shortly).

Call that $7,000 a year each. Say £5,000 each.

60 odd million of us here in the UK. Our share is £300 billion.

What could we have for that?

Well, on current numbers, around half the government we currently have. And that\’s it.

No private economy, no food, no housing, no clothing (other than 50% of what government already provides) no nothing. Just 50% of what government already provides us with.

Gosh, isn\’t it a lovely, happy future that the nef has in store for us?


5 thoughts on “From the nef”

  1. Have you read the fill PDF? It’s like marx without the intellectual rigour. And they seem to be on the way to funding from the Office of the Third Sector.

  2. Didn’t read the pdf. The authors are obviously idiots. I mean, Ali G cracked that gag about welfare being well fair years ago. They can’t seriously think this is current. Or funny.

  3. Utter piffle. But it’s the flaccid prescription and cloying graphics that reeks. I was expecting a picture of a pony.

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