God these people…..

What I don\’t understand is why they are wriggling so hard?

Immigration rules introduced in 2004 allowed serving Gurkhas with at least four years\’ service to settle in the UK but they did not apply to Gurkhas discharged from the British Army before July 1 1997.

The Government announcement followed a High Court ruling last year that immigration guidelines on older veterans were unlawful and in need of urgent review.

So the new rules?

David Enright, of Howe and Co solicitors, said: "They have set criteria that are unattainable. They require a Gurkha to serve for 20 years but a rifleman is only permitted to serve for 15 years.

Why the hell are they doing this? What\’s the damn point?

5 thoughts on “God these people…..”

  1. Hmm, former soldiers, likely to have a good work ethic and not require significant benefits…..

    …..call me a cynical bastard but I can’t see the Gurkas voting Labour in droves. However, given our honorable, decent and straight-forward government, that couldn’t be a consideration here could it?

  2. The damn point is that when I arrive in London with an army at my back, I will task a company of Ghurkas with kukris to clean up the Commons, and thin out the Lords.

    I guess the government found out.

  3. The point might be more to do with the interpreters and other foreign people offering essential ancilliary services to the army in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we let the Gurkhas stay then we might have to let these others into the country, particularly when they face being killed at home for helping us. And Lord knows we wouldn’t want that.

    A low and dishonest day for the government.

  4. Why the hell are they doing this?

    Why are taking away our freedoms, corrupting our democracy and wreaking our economy? Because they are traitors, to nation and humanity, and deserve to be treated as such.

  5. I reckon they have cooked up some sort of covert deal with the government of Nepal. They want retired Gurkas to receive their pensions from the UK, but be forced to spend their money in the Nepalese economy.

    Whatever the reason, it’s scurrilous and they are all a bunch of douchebags.

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