On average, there is now one hole every 120 yards of road, with £8.5 billion needed to bring the condition of roads up to scratch, the report from Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) said.

Just marvellous.

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous PR!”

  1. I’m sure it’s not, but the name “Asphalt Industry Alliance” gives me the impression of a body replete with the sort of character that knocks on suburban households offering to “do their drive”…:)

    But I’m sure their report is right. If the cost is “only” £8.5bn it would be worth it in my opinion. Anyone who has ever done any doorstepping during local elections (whether the authority being elected has anything to do with roads at all or not – nobody can tell) will testify that the state of roads is probably one of the most frequently raised issues.

    Privatise roads, especially residential roads, allow (very – one street or so) communities to control access and charges and get them back in charge of their own neighbourhoods. At the very least they would then have “noone to blame but themselves” if they allowed them to get into a state because they had other priorities.

    Notice that yesterday, April 29th, was the centenary of the announcement of the fore-runner of the current road fund license and highways agency system – in Lloyd-George’s 1909 budget! We can surely move on from a century old model!

  2. If health and safety regulations continue to increase that will be a very low estimate- the requirements for traffic management are steadily moving us to a state where the road must be closed for the simplest repair, and even now it costs upwards of £100 to carry out traffic management to fill a £20 hole- plus of course it takes eight weeks to gather the necessary statutory undertakers information before this can be done.

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