I\’m mad as hell

Bruno tells us that the Lords and Masters in Brussels have an idea for us.

The "shout" is part of an MTV campaign (three spots, cost of EUR2.3 million) to "encourage young people throughout the European Union to share their feelings, ideas and concerns".

The ads "feature young people hanging loudspeakers in London, Paris and Rome and aim to encourage young people throughout the EU to express themselves, to make their voices heard".

"Young people will then be encouraged to make themselves heard politically, by taking part in the European Parliament elections in June."

Appropriately enough, there is activity planned on Twitter too.

All this excitement comes to a shattering, juddering climax on April 30 with an "EU-wide \’Can you hear me\’ sound wave".

"Join us for the biggest shout in Europe. Ever. A roaring soundwave that can be heard from the North of Finland to the South of Spain."

"Yes, that big. Yes, that loud."

"Do it yourself or with friends – on the street, in town, at home, from a window or on the internet through a webcam."

But this rather begs the question. What is it that should be shouted?

Well, this is the European Union we\’re talking about isn\’t it?

Suitable, don\’t you think? The centralisation, the splurging of our money by and upon the unelected, the resolute denial of democracy, the insistence that we should live as they see fit, not as we do.

I\’m mad as hell and I\’m not going to take this shit anymore.

I commend it to you as a slogan.

6 thoughts on “I\’m mad as hell”

  1. I’m sorry, call me an old fart is you like, hut what exactly might the yoof of tudday have to shout about that I might actually want to listen to?

    We’ve suffered embryo rock and embryo tv – what next? Politicians from the womb?

    Two point three million roubles to encourage the voice of people who have actually seen life outside school/uni/McDonalds Burger Training School is something I might consider better spent.

    Children and what is loosely termed “youth” are not “little people” – they are part-formed people who may or may not make the grade.

    As far as I’m concerned abortion should be legal for a foetus of any age up to about thirty or thirty five years.

    April 30th 2009 – Global Earplug Day.

  2. Someone will doubtless come along in a minute to explain what “beg the question” meant until recently, at least among educated people.

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