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Cars powered by electricity or hydrogen are cheaper.

I have to say that I didn\’t actually know that. I was under the impression that, even when you include the social costs of carbon and other emissions, electric and hydrogen powered cars were still vastly more expensive than oil powered ones.

But then that\’s why I read Billy Hutton of course, for these important facts, things which change my worldview.

For if they are cheaper then we\’ll all be using them real soon now and we don\’t have to worry about this climate change shtick any more, do we?

2 thoughts on “Interesting news”

  1. Aye, according to this your electric cars end up costing between 0.99p and 1.73p per mile to drive and from experience fuel costs for a petrol car range from 8p per mile to 20p mile.

    If all other costs are comparable depending on the degree of luxury you want from your vehicle then they’re cheaper.

    The only trade-offs are range and speed.

    As soon as I can drive electric to Glasgow and back on a single charge, I’ll be swapping.

  2. cheaper…as long as you can refuel when necessary. The cost of the local distribution network is the killer for postal services and fixed-line telecomms – why should it be different for alternative fuels?

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