Interesting number

Six years on, the reality is that a pre-tax salary of slightly less than £16,000 is all that a single, childless worker requires to attain the standard of living of the typical person in Britain.

Yet poverty is defined as £13,400 a year*.

There\’s not exactly a great deal of clear blue skies between those two numbers, is there?

Clearly the general standard of living is too low….have to carry on with this capitalism thing for a while longer to keep raising it, eh?


*Joseph Rowntree Trust and actually a pretty good number.

4 thoughts on “Interesting number”

  1. Seems like a political oportunity for George (assuming the next election goes as predicted)- he can up the tax free allowance at the saame time as he gets rid of the top rate- without an appearance of favouring toffs. Of course the base tax rate will need to increase-I would say the price is worth paying, but does he think so?

  2. Whoops! I’ve re-posted the above to the correct article now.
    As long as poverty is defined relatively there will never be clear blue water between the average income and the poverty line. I suspect that all those people coming in hidden in the backs of lorries believe that our minimum wage represents wealth- unless you think they’re desperate to stave here.

  3. What does a pensioner couple that is entirely dependent on the state get? OAP, some sort of “credit”, what else? Free council house? Surely not. Exemption from Council Tax? Hard to believe. Does anyone here know?

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