J Porritt

Something that I´d like to find out.

How much is Jonathan Porritt paid to chair the Sustainable Development Commission?

It´s not in their annual review and as a company limited by guarantee I´m not sure that they have to reveal anything in their accounts.

So, anyone know how I can find out?

Actually, they don´t seem to have filed accounts at all…..

6 thoughts on “J Porritt”

  1. The company was only incorporated 22/01/2009, so it does not have to file its first accounts for well over a year from now.

    JP was appointed a director (one of four) on 17/02/2009, so it should be possible to guess from the first set of accounts what their salaries are (assuming they adopt usual disclosures).

  2. I just assumed it was a fake charity.

    It’s a limited company entirely funded by the State, is it?

    A bit like ACPO: power without responsibility or accountability. There’s too much of this going on.

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