Lebedev´s Pyramid

But the difficulty is in knowing which class you yourself are in…..

5 thoughts on “Lebedev´s Pyramid”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Actually I can’t help thinking that he is wrong.

    The more I am exposed to people at the top of the pyramid, the more I think they belong in the bottom part. The more I meet quite boring people doing their jobs without the use of jargon or buzz words, the more I realise bureaucracies to do not reward intelligence.

    My pyramid would have shameless self promoters at the top. The rest of us at the bottom. With a few intelligent, mostly over looked people scattered like truffles among the great mass of the stupid, the vicious, the lazy and other Guardian readers.

    (Not being a truffle myself)

  2. Why is everyone taking the pyramid as a management hierarchy? Lebedev doesn’t say that – you are all just assuming he is without giving it any thought.

    Kind of proves his point, don’t you think?

  3. I disagree entirely.

    I think most people are normally intelligent. Incompetent managers always complain about how stupid their underlings are. That doesn’t make it true.

    It also raises the question of what management is about. The sheep dog doesn’t complain that the sheep all want to go in different directions, it just gets on with doing its thing.

    Also if you were to plot a graph of detectable intelligence versus work experience, I am sure there would be a strong reverse correlation. Organisations squeeze the life and brains out of their employees, usually because the wrong people are in charge.

    “We believe our best asset is our people”………unfortunately the depreciate like all other assets.

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