Might it happen?

Labour MPs fear the Prime Minister\’s fate may be sealed by the European and county council elections on June 4 amid polling evidence that Labour is facing disaster and could trail in fourth behind the Lib Dems and the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Wouldn\’t be enough to get me elected (I\’m fourth on the list in London) but it would be a delightful result all the same.

3 thoughts on “Might it happen?”

  1. Dear all,
    Everybody during this global economic crunch semms to be more important more than he/she is.Let our intelligent prime minister play the role to get Britain out of the recession.Leave him alone.Because you can’t do the job you get mad,nervyand at times jealous out of your incomptence.

  2. That is a pathetic servile sentiment if I may say. It is always anyone’s right to critisise their leaders. When large numbers of people do this, it shows there is something wrong with the leaders rather than something wrong with the people.

  3. In so far as any meaning can be deduced from John’s illiterate screed, I think he means that since Gordon Brown is the Highly Intelligent Labour Person that has sodomised every man, woman and child in the country, he is the best person to sort out the mess, and anyone who says different is jealous of that Supreme Intellect.

    I think.

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