Not again, please?

Paedophiles, rapists and other sex offenders will have to take lie detector tests from next week under new moves designed to check if they still pose a risk.


Lie detectors do not work. Yes, they\’re shiny and expensive pieces of technology, but they still really do not work.

So why waste money on them?

7 thoughts on “Not again, please?”

  1. It’s important for any government to always have a bogeyman against whom new repressions can be initially deployed. Nobody will dare complain, thanks to the moral hegemony. Once “proven” against the bogeyman, the new repression is then in the bank ready to roll out against others arbitrarily.

  2. “They work on the Jeremy Kyle show.”

    Funny, because none of the people appearing on it seem to.

  3. MRI scanning ( I still prefer nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, which explains how it works) is now getting such that it can tell if a person is lying by which areas of the brain ‘light up’. It isn’t a guess and you can’t control it to avoid a positive. Now these babies are a shed load more expernsive than polygraphs, but they do work whereas a polygraph test is mostly inspiration and intuition on the part of the tester.

  4. > Now these babies are a shed load more expernsive than polygraphs

    Not a problem in the UK. In the US, when a hospital has to actually cover its costs, they buy an MRI and then run it all day and all night to get the investment back — so you can end up with appointments for scans at two in the morning. In the UK, where the hospitals couldn’t care less who pays for the machine, they run them for the convenience of their workforce: running them during standard office hours only and with two-year waiting lists. Shite though that is, it does leave the machines free for sixteen hours a day for the Department of Justice to use them if they want. They could even pay the NHS for their use, moving state cash from one account to another and thus creating an illusion of income. Everybody wins!

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