Oh, my word

At least two organic farmers a week are leaving the movement as consumer demand for premium food stagnates and costs rise.

Looks like the environment really is a luxury good, eh?

6 thoughts on “Oh, my word”

  1. There is also a practical farming reason as well. Before most farms turn organic they blitz the fields to eradicate weeds such as couch. Pesticide free farming is quite easy if you haven’t got any weeds, but as the years go on the weeds come back and so after five-ten years the fields need a good clean up again to get yields back up again.

  2. “Looks like the environment really is a luxury good, eh?”

    Does ‘organic’ food really have anything to do with the environment though? Surely adopting practices that require far more land to be farmed in order to produce food is more of a fashion statement that an act to save the environment.

  3. ACO, I think you will find that it is just free market CO2 which is the problem. Socialist CO2 actually cools the earth.

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