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On those emails

Trying to pick apart what he\’s really hinting at here:

On David Cameron:
He could clear up exactly how much the Cameron\’s worth … and he could make clear that he’s not hiding any embarrassing illnesses.’

Reading around that embarrassing illness is hinted as being of a sexual nature.

Erm, like what? What we colloquially refer to as the clap is cleared up by one or another penicillin derivative. I\’m pretty certain that no one is going to be suggesting that Dave is HIV positive.

So that leaves only two other sexually transmitted diseases that one can continue to suffer from….rather than have suffered from.

Genital warts….well, I\’m not really all that sure how embarrassing that\’s going to be now. We\’re rolling out a vaccine against HPV (the virus that causes both those warts and cervical cancer) to all women under 18 at present. So we don\’t think that this isn\’t a widespread problem … fact, we\’re actually admitting that it\’s rather common.

Then there\’s herpes. Which is also known as cold sores.

Now leave aside whether the allegation is true or not (it seems to be based on the point that Dave once visitied an STD clinic when a student. No more than that.). And look at what the allegation is.

Either the leader of the opposition has a virus that we\’ve just decided to vaccinate the entire female population against or he has cold sores.

Neither seem like truly terrible things for someone to have now, do they?

And that\’s the best that the Labour spinmeisters can come up with?

5 thoughts on “On those emails”

  1. You left out possible suspects such as HIV or more seriously that most long lasting of STDs pregnancy.
    if you are famous this don’t go so easily.

  2. And that’s the best that the Labour spinmeisters can come up with?

    On first reading agreed compared with the other smears it seems prety tame but… think what their saying…he did’nt have it treated, the logical conclusion being…. Ivan

    very very nasty smear indeed

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