This is painful

Very disturbing to my worldview:

After half a century of almost continuously declining fish stocks, especially of iconic species such as North Sea cod, the symptoms and diagnosis of this crisis are familiar. Too many boats are chasing too few fish. What is new about the Green Paper launched yesterday by Joe Borg, the EU Fisheries Commissioner, is its call for wholesale reform of the CFP and its proposal for the introduction of individual transferable quotas (ITQs), better known as catch shares.

An EU policy which is both sane and sensible.

Of course, it\’s going to take them years to implement it, it\’ll probably be too late and so on, but best to applaud rationality on the rare occasions one sees it.

6 thoughts on “This is painful”

  1. “We shouldn’t hold our collective breath.”

    Unless we want to cheat Obama of his proposed CO2 tax, mentioned in the comments to the above post, that is….

  2. I thought they were going to throw in the towel and allow national governments to self-regulate (continue to overfish but be permitted to exclude ‘foreign’ flagged vessels).

  3. Yes, of course its painful Tim and I applaud the fact that you chose not to ignore reporting it.

    For the record, the Common Fisheries Policy was, and is, an environmental and economic trainwreck that needs to be melted down and sold for scrap.

  4. I don’t doubt they will implement it.

    I also don’t doubt that by the time it enters the statute books it’ll resemble just another piece of flagrant taxpayer-fleecing.

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