Those trafficking numbers

In Britain, it is estimated that 80% of the 80,000 women in prostitution are foreign nationals, most of whom have been trafficked.


Here\’s the definition of trafficking.

There needs to be one from each of the three sections to qualify. So, transported for sex work is not, on its own, trafficking. There needs to be as well deception or force.

These people are simply lying about it all, aren\’t they?

3 thoughts on “Those trafficking numbers”

  1. Well since the author is Rahul Gupta, a leading light of that cliché of 1970’s left wing feminist identity politics, Southall Black Sisters’, I think we can ignore her. She will have described the ‘facts’ necessary to fit her contention, not anything so awkward as the actual facts.

  2. Of course it’s lies. It’s a lie that traces right back to the White Slavery Panic of the late Progressive Era and a necessary enabling lie for prostitution prohibition. And it’s a lie, like many enabling lies, universally accepted by our elites who have never shrugged off the moralitarian moral hegemony which developed in the 1800s as “Victorian Values”.

    People may think we live in some kind of secular, post-christian society, and that may be true, but the moral framework we live within (or under), which is enormously tenacious, is that of religious social reformers of the 1800s, translated into more secular language. We are still in the grip of the Temperance Movement, broadly speaking.

    Well anyway. Bah. In general terms, whatever we outsiders may argue about meanings of words like trafficking, what matters is what our rulers believe; and any woman who travels to work in the despised sex industry is, by their definition, “trafficked”. They are all White Slaves.

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