Who is to blame?

Sinn Féin’s 5 MPs have claimed £21k each for the last 4 years – a total of over £400k – in second home allowances for flats in London even though the thieving bastard terrorists refuse to take their seats in Westminster because they won’t pledge their alleigence to the Queen.

So who is to blame for this particular state of affairs?

Umm, wasn\’t it our very own Labour Government?

Didn\’t they, just a few years ago, change the rules so that those elected, but who refused to take their seat and pledge allegiance, could claim expenses?

In fact, yes they did. It was one of the bribes that Tony Blair used in 2002 to get Sinn Fein to sign up to the Good Friday agreement.

They could have their expenses if they didn\’t take the Pledge but they couldn\’t have their salaries.

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  1. Hey, and wasn’t one of their supporters elected to the UK Parliament whilst he was in prison doing a 14 year stretch. And just to think, the poor bloke wouldn’t even get to vote for himself in these unenlightened times.

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