Receipts submitted by the Prime Minister to the Parliamentary authorities disclosed that between 2004 and 2006, he paid Andrew Brown for cleaning at his flat. Andrew Brown, a senior executive at EDF Energy, received £6,577 over 26 months.

No, not as bad as it looks but still….

Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, received a 50 per cent discount on his council tax from his local authority but claimed the full amount. He discovered the “mistake” last summer within weeks of the High Court ordering that MPs release details of their expenses. He has repaid the money.

Right Jack.


5 thoughts on “Aye, aye….”

  1. “He has repaid the money.”

    Do we know when, though? Because that cyclopean crook in No 10 only paid back his twice-claimed plumber’s bill yesterday.

    After being approached by the ‘Telegraph’…

  2. Except…why is the taxpayer picking up the cost of cleaning Brown’s private flat? This isn’t Number 11 or Number 10 we’re talking about, is it.

  3. Really? Did he so reclaim the money?

    I’m about to claim a 10% discount on my council tax because the fuck-idle scum have failed to collect the rubbish, as they are paid to do.

    How do you rate my chances?

  4. Bill Fitzpatrick

    Why is council tax claimable? If their second homes burn down, do the firemen put the fire out for free? Do the binmen not collect from these MP’s houses? Juxtipose this with landlords getting saddled with “empty property rates”.

  5. They get a house in Downing Street, which probably has all it’s own cleaning contractors, and is maintained by the state. And they get either a stately home, like Dorneywood or Chequers, or a grace and favour property. They are overpaid a handsome salary, a sumptuous pension, and all their operating costs ( Cars, chauffeurs, IT, office, security, official travel) are already paid for by the taxpayer. And they are still on the bloody take.

    I wouldn’t leave any British cabinet minister alone in a room with my wallet. These people are twisters.

    We have an election coming up, and voters are going to seek any way they can of giving the three main parties a good kicking. They are now seen as a coalition of the long fingers. Parasites, who tax the poor to feather their nests.

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