Cleggie\’s reform plans

Today I\’m setting out a plan of action to get all the changes we need delivered in just 100 days – making it possible for MPs to be sacked by constituents, abolishing the House of Lords, getting corrupt money out of politics and changing the electoral system to give everyone a voice.

What a twat.

So, elected politicians have been troughing it. The solution is to abolish the Lords and replace them with more elected politicians.

What part of his arse told him this was a good idea?

10 thoughts on “Cleggie\’s reform plans”

  1. In addition, he is chief cheerleader for an electoral system that gives more power to political elites, and makes politicians less accountable.

    That’ll make them all honest.

  2. STV doesn’t necessarily give more power to political elites. FPTP, by giving huge majorities to minority parties, certainly does give far too much power to political elites.

    Also I note the House of Lords has hardly been excelling itself recently.

  3. Lords have troughed to the extent they have been able, including by selling amendments to legislation. This isn’t a case of elected=bad | unelected=good.

  4. Great, they’ve sat their arses for 4 years and done SFA about constitutional reform. Now MP’s who are pissed off because their troughing is being rumbled and they are being made redundant next year are having their holiday cancelled so that they can undo the work of 100’s of years constitutional evolution in 100 days.

    Yeah, that’s really going to give us a system we can rely on to deliver open and transparent democracy.

    And no mention of the biggest drag on transparency, the EU, either.

    I suppose if they are all locked in one place it will only need one bomb to sort out the problem.

  5. Matthew is correc.t – closed list systems, such as FPTP do give power to the political elite.
    Multimember STV by virtue of being an open ranking system of individuals means that the electorate have far greater control over their representatives.
    Like Tory 1 but hate Tory 2? Vote for Tory 1, but not 2, and give other votes to other candidates.
    Want to vote LP, but don’t think they can win? Put them first, if they don’t get a seat then the vote is transfered to your next preferred one.
    Small parties and independents get more chance since people are more likely to vote for them when their vote is not ‘wasted’.

  6. Tristan and Matthw are both correct.

    They use STV in Ireland and the political elite have been trying (unsuecessfully) to get rid of it — precisely because STV removes power from the elite and gives it to the people.

    And it’s precisely this reason that David Cameron, who’s about as elite as they get — Eton, Bullingdon club, inherited £30 million, doesn’t know how many houses he’s got — is against it.

  7. Austria has a properly proportional system. The result was that, until Jorg Haider appeared on the scene, that elections made no difference whatever to the government. If there were a really decisive swing in the vote, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister would swap jobs.

    Austrian politics is, possibly as a consequence and possibly not, colossally corrupt.

    In any case, not an example we want to emulate here. For what it’s worth, my suggestion would be, that no-one who has ever been an MP should be allowed in the House of Lords.

    For example, Shirley Williams has lost more elections that I’ve had hot dinners, but we are still assumed to be so in need of her ‘wisdom’ that into the Lords she goes (this is what the Labour party thinks is ‘democratic’, by the way). And soon that scum Martin will be joining her.

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