Doctors and climate change

OK, so a senior doctor has said that climate change is going to be as big a thing as cholera in its effects on public health.

I rather have my doubts that something which is going to happen over the next seven or eight centuries is in fact going to be something which society cannot adapt to but there we go. However, just to give you an idea of where Professor Sir Muir Grey is coming from, consider this:

…..when I was the secretary of Action on Smoking and Health.

A known scaremonger, willing to distort (if not lie completely) to insist that all do as he wishes, in the pay of a fake charity.

We\’re going to take him seriously on climate change, aren\’t we?


5 thoughts on “Doctors and climate change”

  1. Tomorrow, the Times announces that it will publish a “20 opage2 supplement on Climate Change”. Meanwhile, one of the quotees in the Times business section is that well-know overweight charlatan Al Gore. Has Murdoch finally decided that, now his agents of influence in “normal” politics have been discredited beyond recovery, it’s time for the real nutters to be supported?

  2. Anyone with links to fake charity ASH is suspect in my book. Suspect of just retelling the government line on anything. Not to be believed.

  3. @Umbongo

    Murdoch will be making money on the supplement. Global Warming is a advertising cash cow (indirectly paid for by us).

  4. > We’re going to take him seriously on climate change, aren’t we?

    We’re not, but the Government, the EU (aren’t they the same thing) will do so, as it gives them yet more excuse to tax the buggery out of us, and control our lives in ever more minute fashion.

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