This is glorious from Compass:

Less than a fifth of low-paid adults earn enough to lift their household out of poverty through their wages alone (compared to more than three-quarters of non-low-paid workers).

Low paid people get paid less than not low paid people.

Who\’d a\’ thunk it?

5 thoughts on “EH?”

  1. So a quarter of non-low-paid people don’t earn enough to lift their household out of poverty?


  2. They’re probably using relative poverty as well, so this would be true regardless of actual income unless glorious state introduced massive redistribution.

    Breaking news form University of Bognor Regis mathematics department ‘1+1 = 2’

  3. Doesn’t this extract suggest that approximately a fifth of low paid workers get paid more than a quarter of the non-low paid workers?

    Contradiction? Maybe the definition of low pay is on a person by person basis and the definition of poverty is on a household by household basis…. That might explain it.

  4. That’d make some sense – so if I’m a cleaner on the minimum wage who doesn’t want to give up my job, and I marry an investment banker on half a million a year, then my income’s at the bottom of the scale but my household’s clearly not in poverty.

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