Excellent news!

Isn\’t it?

Binge drinking among women has almost doubled since 1998, in a rapid narrowing of an alcohol gender gap that persisted for generations, research today from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows.

It found that the proportion of women who binge drink rose from 8% in 1998 to 15% in 2006. Over the same period, binge drinking among men increased only slightly, from 22% to 23%.

Gender inequality is such a horrible, pernicious, immoral, thing that we must welcome any diminution of it, no?

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  1. their definition of binge drinking is so wide as to make everyone a binge drinker (same was as the JR definition of poverty makes a lot more “clients” ) Ergo the gap naturally narrows.

  2. Binge drinking is defined as consuming on at least one day a week more than twice the safe limit recommended by the government, which is three to four units of alcohol for a man and two to three units for a woman.

    A “unit” is half a pint of beer, so this statistic counts as a binge drinker any woman who drinks 3 pints of beer, twice a week.

    The term “binge” acquired its modern usage- more than the stingy government allowance, instead of its old meaning of “three lost days, waking up in another town with inexplicable bruising and missing shoes”- due to the work of a Temperance Activist called Henry Wechsel, who has spent many years working in his lair at Harvard Medical School to start a moral panic about college students drinking.

  3. Ian B

    Young people today. In my day, binge meant binge.

    Nowadays it means quiet drink with friends.

    Binge Drinking Proper Definitions:
    -Cannot remember where you were, or with whom you were drinking.
    -Wake up somewhere you have never seen before, or with someone you have never seen before.
    -Wake up in a cell, or hospital bed.
    -Vomit, lots of it.
    -Wake up in the afternoon, still dressed
    -Throat is sore from all the singing, body sore from “dancing”.
    -Photos exist that can be used to blackmail you.

    If any two of these hold true, you were binge drinking.

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